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Bribe me!

Open all the time, though I won't accept all offers. I'll only accept bribes higher or equal to $30 for painted pieces. 

5/17/2017 added sketches! They'll come relatively cheap from $5+ 

Type (types listed below)
Bribe (cash monies, maybe points)
Subject Matter (what do you want drawn, you can provide character, ref, mood, or whatever else)


This is more like a grab bag kinda thing. You can ask for a sketch page, png, simple bg, or simple painted bg
2016 commissions/sketches by BugNarkocs by BugNark [liquenaga] These creeps!!! by BugNark Commission Amani by BugNark Oc doodle by BugNarkIsadora and Kooyin by BugNark Bagbean commission by BugNark Noice by BugNark GAl pAls by BugNark [manakites] Bell Farming by BugNark[manakites] New Kids on the Block by BugNarkUrsa by BugNarkCloudy by BugNark [manakites] Wish! by BugNark[manakites] anime romcom by BugNark[Maskcatz] Prompt, Cherry Blossom Festival! by BugNarkAP Payment: Spring Cliffs by BugNarkAP Payment: Steep by BugNarkAP Payment by BugNarkAP Payment by BugNarkExploring by BugNark Gamble by BugNark Kleep AU by BugNark Kakapo by BugNark5/19 upgrades by BugNarkBroodling Rescue by BugNark

Kill Shot

detailed headshot, I make these up to 11,000 pixels for Christ's sake. Range from just the head to a half-body if I'm feelin extra.
Let me know if you want painterly (seeing strokes of dat nice, crisp brush) or clean render (smooth, like a butt cheek).
Aesaii Witch Mercy by BugNark PkingSora by BugNark Dawn by BugNark OnigiryStuff by BugNark aurenbunni by BugNark Cactos by BugNark Prince by BugNark Throwing Shade by BugNark windswept by BugNark prismatic-angel by BugNark Vibrance by BugNarkEcho by BugNark Lit by BugNark

Vector Painting

Stylized, minimal shading, chrisp, quick
fuc u art block by BugNark10122016(4) by BugNark10262016 by BugNarkboiling EGg by BugNarkBlistering Worm DTA by BugNark10182016 by BugNark

Speedy Gonzalez

speed paint, looks kinda sketchy. done fast. not as clean as the whole shebang. sees lines from sketch, res is lower than the whole shebang but its still a large canvas lol
simple-ish bg
Marshall, Training Tier 3 by BugNarkGifto by BugNark. by BugNark10292016 (1) by BugNarkGrabbag commission by BugNarkcommission by BugNark

Cussing at Tom 

custom design
Heldyr Faen by BugNarkLucedarian Durrin by BugNarkWhat A Load of Shift: Lainri by BugNarkCalliope (oc) by BugNarkHeldyr Maldue by BugNarkSunrise on Blood Unicorn Meadow by BugNarkrandom design thing by BugNarkCherry Blossom Sticks on the Beach by BugNarkRoyal, Dracopod MYO by BugNark[manakites] MYO by BugNark[liquenaga] Rhedyn Upgrades by BugNark[liquenaga] MYO by BugNark[purretarpg] Lerbil MYO, soyii by BugNarkCLOSED by BugNarkCustom Design by BugNark Petal Dragon MYO: Buan by BugNarkclosed by BugNark [Maskcatz] Bijokin MYO by BugNarkMyo Fumi by BugNark

The Whole Shebang

Not available, slots will be auctioned off from time to time. Puts blood, sweat, and tears on digital canvas.
Running of the Cows by BugNark10202016 (1) by BugNarkDTA Entry by BugNarkStarlit by BugNarkArt trade by BugNarkBlueberries by BugNarkArt Trade by BugNarkKabuto by BugNarkGrab bag commission by BugNarkWIP by BugNarkArt trade by BugNarkArt trade by BugNarkcommission by BugNark. by BugNarkFriend to None by BugNark


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DeUyuni Featured By Owner May 16, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I love u
BugNark Featured By Owner May 16, 2017
how dare u come into my home and spout such nonsense smfh

lov u too. slow winks.
DeUyuni Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I come into this house with love. love for you my sweet angel, of heavenly art. Muah. Lots of love. 
pigeoncity Featured By Owner May 13, 2017
your art is gorgeous!!
BugNark Featured By Owner May 16, 2017
Thank u! winks.
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